Reviewing a Must-Have Book Box Set for Adults

Reviewing a Must-Have Book Box Set for Adults

The Ruby Red Trilogy Boxed Set is the international best seller trilogy by the author Kerstin Gier, and no doubt is the best book box set for adults. The books come in a perfect and beautiful gift box. Ruby Red fans would love to read the books.

Reviewing a Must-Have Book Box Set for Adults

The story revolves around the mysterious time travelling experiences a simple sixteen year old girl Gwen goes through. Her simple life revolving around enjoying movies and gossips about boys, with her best friend, soon changes. She experiences mysteries and these are inherited by her due to the peculiar background and history of her ancestors.

The book received much reviews, critic attention, and comments. The School Library Journal, New York Times Book Review, Booklist, Justine magazine and many such sources commented on it and review it. The author, Kerstin Gier, is the New York Times bestseller. And the Ruby Red Trilogy got translated into 25 languages around the world, which is no doubt a great public acclamation.


  • The book is great for readers of 12 to 18 years
  • Paperback book
  • Published by Squarefish
  • Printed in English

About the Author

The author Kerstin Gier was into writing for the women since 1995. Her first famous book the Ruby Red Trilogy brought her all the fame. Another book of her, the Manner and Andere Katastrophen, was made into a movie. In Germany many of her books later on got much popularity. And she is a success story now.

User reviews

The story is a fun story, which makes life appear through the lenses of mystery and fantasies. It takes you to another world, and lets you explore possibilities of travelling the time, going back to strange times and experiencing different ancient dresses, culture, people etc. the book tickles imagination and fantasies, and therefore is a nice way to release stress, get out of the mundane of life, and take a dip into the world of impossible.


Whether you buy the set of books for your own reading, or to keep in house as a collection, or want to gift it to someone, you would always be in a win win position, because of your excellent choice of this bestseller series. The general human mind of a 16 year old girl, and her shocks and changes in belief from her sudden experiences are worth studying in the books.